The pride of every woman

Some people usually ask me this question" bro. What do you think that make us woman proud"

Can you guess what I answers them ?

Every woman must reach up to a task expected of her,
every woman must understand that she is not complete until she become two, she must undestand that the pride comes from what is inside her.

The pride of every woman is child bearing.

Many women suffers because they were unable to deliver for their husband.
Many of them beget hatred from their own people, some beget hatred from their in -laws while some beget this same hatred from the husband.

Child bearing is a gift from GOD. It take the manifestation of GODS grace for any woman who gets pregnant and bears child.

Their are remedies that stops this manifestation of GODS grace to bear child.
Some women out of financial frustration before they got married traded their private parts for money. They embrace prostitution and contacted different types of sexual transmited diseases, this damaged the womb. Some got unwanted pregnancy but on the way to terminate it ,they destroyed their womb.

Child bearing is the greatest gift a family can get. And it only comes from GOD.
If you are a married woman and had not gotten a child check details about fertility and infertility, It will help you the more.

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